On Demand Webinar: Solving the Personal Liability Puzzle

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How are you identifying the missing pieces of your asset protection plan?

Now more than ever, dentists and oral surgeons are confronted by numerous risks that threaten their financial assets and lifestyles. Personal liability lawsuits can run in the multi-million dollar range, and in such cases, your home and auto liability coverage may not be enough. Umbrella insurance is one of the most commonly overlooked policies and can be an attractive solution to help preserve your assets in the face of an ever-increasing array of financial loss exposures.

In this complimentary webinar, you will learn:

  • Gain an understanding of personal umbrella coverage.
  • Learn about an exclusive program available through Fortress and OMSNIC for dentists and oral surgeons.
  • Learn how to assess your risk and determine your coverage level.
  • Evaluate other considerations such as trusts, business activities, investment properties and LLCs, etc.

View Webinar (30 minutes)

About the Presenters

Jack Kohlenstein | President & CEO | JLK Group
Jack is the founder and CEO of JLK Insurance Group. He is an OMSNIC and Fortress representative and administers the Chubb Group Excess Program across the U.S. Jack’s excitement and passion for working with businesses, owners and professionals pushed him to excel and start his own firm.

Tony Rajkowski | Personal Insurance Advisor | Dyste Williams
Tony advises clients on their personal insurance needs including home, auto, umbrella liability, life, health and disability and specializes in the needs of dental and medical professionals. With over 16 years of experience, he ensures that his clients find the right protection.


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