Comprehensive, customized insurance solutions for a wide range of healthcare and long term care facilities.

Healthcare Facilities

Dyste Williams provides comprehensive, customized insurance solutions for a wide range of healthcare and long term care facilities and providers in the Upper Midwest. As an independent insurance agency, we review competitive insurance carriers to bring you excellent coverage choices and optimum pricing.

Healthcare facilities have extensive insurance needs, from medical professional liability coverage to business property to workers comp. We’ll advise you on options, manage the complexity and monitors your coverage going forward to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

We work closely with clients from across the healthcare sector, including regional hospitals and community health centers, surgery centers, long term care and assisted living facilities, home health care providers and dialysis centers. We also insure ancillary medical facilities, such as x-ray and imaging centers, cardiac and trauma rehabilitation centers, physical therapy, counseling centers and chiropractors. This is a partial list, so please contact us to discuss your particular facility or provider circumstances.

Medical Professional Liability Coverage

Medical Professional Liability (Malpractice) is a core coverage for healthcare facilities and providers. It delivers protection from medical liability claims resulting from the actions of persons associated with your organization. These covered persons can be employed personnel who provide medical professional services, as well as administrators, volunteers, board members or students, among others. We represent MMIC, a leading insurer to the healthcare industry who is known for broad coverage, exceptional service, skillful defense and financial strength.

Dyste Williams insurance advisors have a deep knowledge of insurance for healthcare. We collaborate with the expert team at MMIC to design comprehensive medical liability coverage tailored to the needs of your organization. In the event of a claim, you’ll receive powerful support throughout the investigative and defense process, as well as crisis management guidance if needed. No settlement is made without consent. MMIC policyholders also have access to extensive MMIC risk management resources and educational programs, as well as on-site assessments by expert risk management consultants and tools for self-assessment.


Umbrella coverage protects your facility from a catastrophic lawsuit by adding protection above and beyond your core liability coverage. We recommend an Umbrella as essential policy for our healthcare clients because medical providers are highly vulnerable to expensive litigation.

Additional Business Coverage

For a more comprehensive facility protection package, contact us about the following:

  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Directors and Officers
  • Data Breach/Cyber Liability
  • Crime
  • Business Auto

Workers Compensation

By law, any business with one or more employees must have the protection of Workers Comp insurance. Workers Comp provides benefits to employees that pay for the cost of treating work-related illness or injury. Most policies also include Employers Liability Coverage, which protects employers from lawsuits involving work-related accidents or diseases.

Employee Benefits

Dyste Williams offers many options for the protection and well-being of healthcare employees. Employee Benefit packages are a cost-effective way to keep valuable employees healthy and happy. For more information, please visit our Employee Benefits page.


Dr. Pascal Dalseth | Dalseth Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Apple Valley, MN

Dyste Williams handles our business insurance: our building, malpractice, and health care. We feel so comfortable it’s all under one roof. Ted Dyste comes out annually and takes the time to review where we are with our business and insurance, and where we’re going. He looks out for our best interests, he doesn’t just try to sell us more stuff. When we had a claim, it was seamless. We made a call and it was taken care of. Ted and his staff also did a great job improving our health insurance. Dyste Williams came in with a new way of looking at things and got us much more competitive rates. They are very knowledgeable about what’s available in the insurance marketplace. Dyste Williams has made our lives much simpler.


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