We help you take care of your employees and your bottom line at the same time.

Employee Benefits

Dyste Williams custom-designs benefit packages to help our clients attract and retain the best talent. As an independent agency, we represent multiple insurance carriers. This means we can offer you different solutions at the best prices. Many benefits that employees appreciate are voluntary and represent little or no cost to an employer.

Group Health Insurance

We work with all the major health insurance companies and offer a unique, simplified quote process. Employees fill out just one online health questionnaire, which enables us to quote multiple companies and find the most affordable policies. Where appropriate, we may recommend HSAs, HRAs or FSAs. With healthcare costs increasing and insurance products changing constantly, our expert advice can help you obtain the best coverage for your employees within your budget.

Dental Benefits

A flexible dental plan is seen as a valuable perk by employees. Dental coverage indicates that management cares about employee health, and it often costs an employer very little to offer.

Disability Insurance

Short and Long Term Disability plans should be part of a complete benefits program. Maternity benefits fall under Short Term Disability and are of particular interest to many employees.

Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance plans are inexpensive to offer, and greatly appreciated by employees, even if some employees supplement with personal policies. Cost to the employer is negligible.

Long Term Care

The issues of retirement health care and senior care are top of mind for many employees. Offering Long Term Care (LTC) does not cost anything to an employer and it is a benefit that employees appreciate. We can help you and your employees understand the complex interrelationship of Medicare, Senior Healthcare and Social Security.

Executive and Corporate Protection

We can customize different kinds of protection plans for business owners or executives, including executive carve-out plans and buy/sell agreements.

For more information about our employee benefits offering, please contact our Benefits Department at 952-593-5025.


Dr. Pascal Dalseth | Dalseth Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Apple Valley, MN

Dyste Williams handles our business insurance: our building, malpractice, and health care. We feel so comfortable it’s all under one roof. Ted Dyste comes out annually and takes the time to review where we are with our business and insurance, and where we’re going. He looks out for our best interests, he doesn’t just try to sell us more stuff. When we had a claim, it was seamless. We made a call and it was taken care of. Ted and his staff also did a great job improving our health insurance. Dyste Williams came in with a new way of looking at things and got us much more competitive rates. They are very knowledgeable about what’s available in the insurance marketplace. Dyste Williams has made our lives much simpler.


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