On Demand Webinar: Disability in Dentistry – How to Prepare, Manage and Survive

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Do you know a dentist, oral surgeon or dental hygienist that has been temporarily or permanently disabled? Unfortunately, they are disabled twice as often as other professionals. How confident are you that you have sufficient coverage to protect yourself and your practice? View this 45 minute session with Andy Ahlberg of Dyste Williams, Kurt Meyer of Medical Group Insurance Services (MGIS) and guest presenter, Dr. Kim Harms, of The Dental Mediator, a Division of Pine Lake Law Firm, who will share her personal disability story.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What you should look for when buying disability coverage.
  • How to identify potential gaps in coverage and limitations of Group Long Term
    Disability coverage
  • Additional features that are important to dentists such as ICD
    (infectious, contagious diseases), progressive illness and business overhead
  • Benefits of providing disability coverage to your employees

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Kim Harms has been around the block, a couple of times, in dentistry and in life. As a dental clinician, leader, speaker and author she has seen the importance of being prepared. She was the first female President of the Minnesota Dental Association and served as a National Spokesperson and Consumer Advisor to the American Dental Association for 21 years. She has also experienced many losses in her life including the recent death of her husband, the suicide deaths of her mother and son and the loss of her clinical career due to disability. Her goal is to help those struggling with disability and emotional issues by sharing her accumulated knowledge on how to prepare, cope, survive and thrive the curveballs life throws.

Kurt Meyer has devoted more than three decades to developing and distributing disability programs.  He is currently the Vice President of Sales for MGIS; a company that focuses exclusively on solving the disability needs of healthcare professionals, most prominently physicians and dentist. The value of the company’s programs and the professionalism of the sales team have combined to obtain a nearly 25% market share among independent doctors and dentists. Kurt is also on the Board of Directors for the International DI Society, an industry organization whose members dedicate themselves to providing disability insurance to individuals, families, business owners and employers to afford financial security in the event of that an unforeseen disability occurs.

For questions, please contact Andy Ahlberg | 952-843-4427 | aahlberg@dystewilliams.com 


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