Ways to Stay Safe on the Water this Summer

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Recreational boating and water activities are enjoyed by millions of Americans each year. To support a culture of safety and encourage those enjoying the water to have the right safety gear, The Safe Boating Campaign recommends these boating and water safety tips.

Life jackets: To model responsible safety behavior, always wear a life jacket on motorized and non-motorized watercraft. Children under the age of 13 should wear life jackets while swimming or during other activities on open water such as water trampolines and water slides.

Alcoholic beverages: Did you know that boating under the influence of alcohol is the primary leading cause of recreational boating accidents? Consider offering your boating guests non-alcoholic beverage options and have plenty of refreshing, ice cold water onboard.

Engine cut-off device: An engine cut-off device should always be used on all watercraft with a motor. This may be a cord lanyard that is attached to the operator’s wrist or life jacket, and then properly attached, or a wireless device that includes a wristband or visible fob for the boat operator and/or passengers. An engine cut-off device will immediately stop the boat’s engine should the operator fall overboard.

Carbon monoxide: Gasoline powered engines on boats produce carbon monoxide; an odorless and colorless gas that is poisonous. Avoid swimming anywhere near the stern (rear) of a motorized vessel or allowing occupants to sit along the swim deck/platform of a motorized vessel while the boat motor is running.

Leash: When using a standup paddleboard activity, you should wear an appropriate leash for the venue. This is attached to the paddleboard and to your ankle or calf.

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Visit safeboatingcampaign.com to learn more about how to keep your family and friends stay safe this summer.

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