Dan Ribnick has been my family’s trusted insurance advisor for three decades. He’s been a proactive insurance agent from Day-1. He pays attention to what’s going on in our lives and says “Have you thought about this?” In 30 years, a lot of ‘life’ happens . . . floods, storms, car accidents, extended travel. He’s extremely knowledgeable and responsive. He’s become a first-call-for-help. ​

We’ve referred many friends to Dan over the years. And we’d recommend him and Dyste Williams Agency to anyone looking for an advisor to ensure they have the right coverage for their business, home, auto, travel, umbrella policies. This team is bankable.​

Rick Kupchella | Founder & CEO of BringMeTheNews

I’ve been with Dyste Williams for 3 years, and the service is great. Whenever I call, I get immediate response. When I first went into private practice, I had a different insurance company. I would have to call an 800 number and leave a message. That was a big factor when I decided to switch to Dyste Williams. Ted and Shelley had a long discussion with me about my needs and how they differ from a general dentist. My cases are large: $20,000 to $60,000, and mostly out of pocket for patients. I get some difficult cases and I like the peace of mind that Dyste Williams and Fortress Insurance provide. I fell like I’m well-defended when it comes to liability issues. Shelley really knows her products and has been able to save me money, but money isn’t always the bottom line. Great service is worth a lot to me, it saves so much time. I’ve told other prosthodontists I know that they need to call Dyste Williams.

Dr. Donna Hecker | City West Prosthodontics, Chanhassen, MN

I make my living in dental and it’s a small world. I am outspoken about referring to Dyste Williams. I trust them implicitly, and I have only heard great feedback. I tell my dentists it is very important to surround yourself with a dental-specific team. Dyste Williams’ knowledge about dentistry is terrific and they are very professional and friendly. I love that they make personal visits, that means a lot to people in the Midwest. Call centers have become so prevalent in the industry in recent years. Dyste Williams has more than 600 dental clients, and that experience makes them a great partner in the market. They offer many different types of insurance, so they’re a nice one-stop shop for a dental practice. I’d be thrilled to have them join the team as part of the MDA’s endorsed crew. I think they would be an amazing partner for me and the dentists of the MDA. I don’t think they could choose anybody better.

Dave Dahler | VP | Bank of America Practice Solutions

I’ve worked with Shelley at Dyste Williams for about 14 years and she has been fantastic. Dental practices are her specialty. She’ll tell you the options straight out and the pricing is very competitive. She is not trying to sell you something, she is trying to get you what you need. I’ve referred Dyste Williams to colleagues, and they have all been very happy.

Dr. Thomas Pink | CrimsonCare Family Dental, Maple Grove, MN

I have known Ted Dyste for more than 10 years and value his opinions, ideas, and solutions when collaborating with him. As an independent agency owner, Ted has developed a specialty in serving the dental community with professionalism and expertise in products and programs. I am proud to recommend Ted as a respected colleague and innovative dental market agent.

Guy Strunk | Alexander & Strunk, Oklahoma City, OK

I’ve had my personal insurance with Dyste Williams for 30 years, and their customer service is outstanding. They insure my home in Eden Prairie, as well as my townhome, two apartments and four cars. I have had two homeowners claims, a broken pipe and hail damage, and they have been very responsive. They review my coverage every two years and shop it around periodically to check costs. My coverage has been with the Travelers for many years and I am pleased with the pricing. I’ve always been a believer in the independent agency system. Dyste Williams represents a multitude of companies, so they look out for the best interests of their customers. I’ve recommended the agency to numerous friends and relatives over the years. I work with Roberta Gibbons, and her professionalism, integrity, and responsive customer service are second to none. In my opinion, she’s a rock star in the independent agency system.

David Braun | Eden Prairie MN

Dyste Williams is very knowledgeable about my insurance needs. I’ve had both my practice and personal insurance with the agency for over 30 years. I meet with Ted or Roberta annually to review my insurance. Our business insurance needs are complex. There’s a lot going on in my practice, so insurance is not a boilerplate process. They recommend changes and explain things very well. When an insurance company cancelled one of the coverages on my policy, Dyste Williams did a good job of shopping around to find a better solution. I like the convenience of having my business and personal insurance together in one place. I think they work a little harder when things come up. Most of time I talk with Roberta, and she’s very good at knowing the answer or getting the answer very quickly. I’ve never had a business claim, but I’m confident if I did, Dyste Williams would handle it very well.

Stephen Bjorklund DDS | Wayzata MN

I’m a personal trainer and when I first moved here, I was not satisfied with my insurance. It didn’t feel very personal. A client who is a Dyste Williams agent offered to do an insurance review for me, and I’ve been with them ever since. Pricing was one reason I switched, the rates are much better.

My previous insurance provider did not shop my rates around, but Dyste Williams does. Regarding customer service, Roberta’s timeliness on responding to questions is the best. Even if she’s out, she’ll have someone else respond or give me a name to contact. When I had some rental car damage on vacation, Roberta even got involved long distance to help. I have recommended Dyste Williams on numerous occasions.

I tell friends and family that I get great service and they should have their rates assessed like I did.

Lindsey Heiserman | Minneapolis, MN

Aligning our organization, On-Site Care, with Ted Dyste and Dyste Williams has been one of the best business decisions we’ve made. Ted takes the time to fully understand our business needs before suggesting and implementing solutions. From general liability and auto policies to employee health benefits, Ted finds the solutions we need and implements them flawlessly in a timely manner.

Recently, while reviewing our current malpractice insurance coverage and cost, Ted determined that he could get us into a better product at a better price. At Ted’s recommendation, we transitioned our podiatry practice and 8 doctors to a new professional liability policy with MMIC. Previously, we had resigned ourselves to what was ‘industry standard’ for malpractice. Now, because of Ted’s thoroughness, we are saving thousands of dollars a month and receiving much better customer service with a local company. Most importantly, this change gives us the peace of mind to focus on the care of our patients.

Mark Fincham | President/CEO | On-Site Hearing Services and VP On-Site Podiatry, Edina, MN

I’ve had my insurance with Dyste Williams for over 25 years. I’ve always found their pricing fair and competitive. Because they are an independent agency, they can shop for the best insurance rates. I’ve also been very satisfied with customer service folks there, they are very responsive. This Fall was the third time I’ve taken the refresher course for Drivers over 55 with Paul Laakso. The class is free through Dyste Williams and the most obvious benefit is the 10% premium discount. You invest only 4 hours of your time every 3 years, and you get a pretty significant reduction in your insurance premium. The instructor Paul really knows the current rules of the road, including recent changes and updates. He has a great knowledge of defensive driving habits and the most effective driver safety procedures to use when you’re driving. He also has good advice about different automobile manufacturers’ safety equipment, things like safety harnesses, airbags, rollbars, lights, and crash bumpers. In addition to his command of the subject, Paul really knows how to educate effectively. His good sense of humor makes it an easy four hours. I’ve just recommended the seminar to my sisters, and I think anyone would find it interesting, beneficial and entertaining.

Kent Pedersen | Eagan, MN

Shelley Stark of Dyste Williams is our business insurance agent. We have been working closely with her and Dyste Williams and recommend them for the great customer service we have received. It is a pleasure to work with them and I would encourage others to do so. Shelley responds to questions promptly and the competitive rates offered by Dyste Williams make our business happy. The customer service provided by Shelley and Dyste Williams really make the relationship unique. They do an excellent job of providing the best insurance options for our business. We enjoy doing business with them and highly recommend them to other professionals.

Nancy Stewart | Practice Administrator | The Dentists of Owatonna Family Dentistry, MN

We’ve had our auto and property insurance with Dyste Williams for over 30 years. My husband and I just took the free, 4-hour Defensive Driver Seminar again, and it was great. The guy who teaches it is just excellent. He really listens to what everybody is commenting on, and he’s got a wonderful personality that keeps things moving along. The hours go by fast. We take the class for a couple of reasons: first, I think it’s really smart for us to stay on top of things. We’re both good drivers and we want to stay that way, because as you age that can change. And second, here in Minnesota being over 55, we get a reduction on our auto insurance. Having good driving habits is important to both of us.

Pat Day | Minnetonka, MN

Carol and I just want to say how pleased we are with Travelers Insurance. Carol was hit by a car in a pedestrian crosswalk last October. Since then, Travelers has supplemented her loss of income by paying for mileage and parking for medical appointments, paying the lost wages not paid by workers comp, and paying for essential services like laundry and house cleaning. We now know the meaning of having good insurance. The Travelers representative we have been working with in Naperville, Dionne Bly, has been very helpful. We also want to pass along kudos to Roberta Gibbons of Dyste Williams. Roberta has been wonderful to work with and really knows her insurance benefits.

Louise and Carol Anderson | St. Louis Park, MN

I have only positive things to say about Dyste Williams. The level of care and personalization has far exceeded my experience with another company. Ted inspired confidence from the moment he walked in, and was able to get us much better rates than the cookie cutter approach. Whoever has been on the line from Dyste Williams has gone the extra mile for me, cared about my situation, and handled the situation very well. Great service is delivered throughout the company.

Marty Koessel | owner of 2 Dunn Bros | including the Minneapolis Downtown Library

The Dyste Williams Senior Driving Class is an opportunity to refocus on safe driving. I’ve taken the class three times and I look forward to it. It is an enjoyable and comfortable classroom experience, complete with treats.

The instructor is a professional who uses his years of experience to make the time engaging for everyone. He’s very good, and entertaining. Dyste Williams provides these classes free of charge to policyholders and the policy discount is good for a full three years.

Bob Peck | Plymouth, MN

We are very happy with the service from Dyste Williams. Last year when we had an injury in our parking lot that resulted in a claim, Ted Dyste took care of everything. His response was immediate and comprehensive, and that meant a lot to us. When we have questions about Workers Comp or liability insurance for re-credentialing, Sandy Treptow or Ted get answers for us right away. Each year at renewal time Ted comes by complete with a new booklet and reviews all our coverage. We’ve been very happy with the choices and the numbers, he has definitely saved us money. We also really respect Dyste Williams’ commitment to the dental industry, they are very knowledgeable about dentistry and well-recognized in the dental community. Other insurance agents call us constantly to offer deals, but we have no reason to switch. Dyste Williams is excellent and we are very satisfied.

Dr. Steven Veker | 44th Street Dental, Edina, MN

The customer service at Dyste Williams has exceeded our expectations. Ted and Niki are quick to respond and very good. Our previous insurance agent was local but not very service-oriented. We’re not very demanding, but when we need our agent’s help, I don’t really want to wait for them to respond. Dyste Williams is 45 minutes away from us, but they’re very responsive. Good service can be an email or phone call, that works for me. Financially, I can tell that we’re getting a very fair deal. A franchise coffee shop is a low margin business so price comes into play and you’ve got to balance that with service. Dyste Williams can offer a broad array of carriers. They’ll go out and shop around to get the most competitive deals for you. I definitely recommend them for the competitive pricing and superior service.

Paul Soukup | owner | Dunn Bros store, Hutchinson, MN

Dyste Williams handles our business insurance: our building, malpractice, and health care. We feel so comfortable it’s all under one roof. Ted Dyste comes out annually and takes the time to review where we are with our business and insurance, and where we’re going. He looks out for our best interests, he doesn’t just try to sell us more stuff. When we had a claim, it was seamless. We made a call and it was taken care of. Ted and his staff also did a great job improving our health insurance. Dyste Williams came in with a new way of looking at things and got us much more competitive rates. They are very knowledgeable about what’s available in the insurance marketplace. Dyste Williams has made our lives much simpler.

Dr. Pascal Dalseth | Dalseth Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Apple Valley, MN

Dyste Williams is very knowledgeable about business needs and they care. I switched over to them because the insurance pricing was very reasonable. When you’re dealing with big landlords downtown, you need to have millions of dollars of coverage. When I got the Edina location, I just called Dan and it was the easiest process I’ve ever gone through. I just love their attention to detail. If I have any questions, it’s just a quick call. Niki in customer service is great. I highly recommend Dyste Williams to other store owners, and also recommended them to corporate to become a preferred insurer.

Bob Stiles | owner | Dunn Bros at LaSalle Plaza, Minneapolis and Edina, MN

At Dyste Williams, my main experience has been with Shelley Stark. When I pick up the phone, I reach her immediately. I can depend on her to understand the products and explain things well so I don’t need to spend the time. The insurance pricing with Dyste Williams is reasonable and in some instances, a better deal. Shelley is very knowledgeable about our practice and tells me what we need. We are doing an addition to our building and needed to change our insurance for the closing. Shelley got it done in a day. Without her, we would have had to wait longer to start. We are also considering life insurance and disability from Dyste Williams and have been very pleased with Patrick Boria’s knowledge and good ideas. It’s really nice to know that when you need to talk to somebody, especially about malpractice insurance, you can call Dyste Williams and get things taken care of right away.

Dr. Alyssa Hedstrom | Grand Marais Family Dentistry, Grand Marais, MN

Dyste Williams knows the small business retailing environment so well, and exactly what issues are going to come up. Of all the companies I’ve worked with to start the new business, they’ve really looked out for my interests. Ted and Niki both came out, which was a really nice touch. I had a lightning strike incident recently and Niki was great as usual. She gave me good advice, which is part of the relationship.

Joe Schwartz | owner | Dunn Bros store, Excelsior, MN

Dyste Williams has been very helpful with all aspects of our business insurance. When I opened my practice three years ago, Ted Dyste reviewed all our needs and came back with a better insurance quote than the other agents. He’s a real professional. We meet once a year to review our insurance and it’s very well-organized. When we had a Workers Comp claim, processing it was hassle-free. Ted Dyste is very honest and always has our best interests in mind. I never feel pressured.

Dr. Birgit Schold | Bluff Creek Dental, Chanhassen, MN

Dyste Williams has been the insurance agency for our practice for over 25 years. Ted Dyste has also helped me with our personal insurance. The nice thing about working with Ted is that you can put your faith in him and trust he’s going to do a good job. He’s very resourceful. He’ll explore different options and steer us towards the most advantageous solutions. I like that Ted’s conservative and easy to talk with. He presents choices and guides you to the best options but doesn’t push any specific products. He has saved me money on premiums, most recently on health insurance. He found me a much better policy. I rely on his good judgment.

Dr. Robert McNab | Penn Avenue Family Dental, Inc. Minneapolis, MN

To review my insurance needs, Ted walked me through all the choices, and showed how I could save money and increase coverage. He really got to know my needs. For example, when we run out of things, sometimes my employees have to drive to pick things up. Ted suggested employee driving coverage, which no-one had ever mentioned before. The process of setting up coverage was very smooth. They handled everything, and the policies were hand delivered. All I had to do was sign, it was just so nice.

Mickie Smith | owner | Dunn Bros store, Elk River, MN

Dyste Williams knows how Dunn Brothers works, the customer service is excellent and the prices are competitive. I started with a different insurance provider, but after a few years in business I decided that I wanted to add wine and beer to my business. The previous insurance company was not interested in supporting that, they didn’t think it was a good idea. That’s when I decided to switch insurance, and people at Dunn Bros corporate suggested I talk to Ted. He came out to meet with me and made it very easy to add the beer and wine and make all the changes I needed. We have happy hour now and it’s worked really well. I interact with Niki at Dyste Williams frequently and she is always so cheerful and incredibly helpful. When questions come up I start with her, and she always knows the answer! Dyste Williams really knows the franchise business and Dunn Brothers specifically. Their insights are very useful and they make the insurance piece easy. I’ve recommended them to other Dunn Bros managers.

Ann Schuster | owner | Dunn Bros store, Eden Prairie, MN