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How property and vehicle titling impacts your coverage

Your son or daughter needs a new vehicle and the dealer asks you “Whose name should be on the title?”  Your elderly aunt passes away and leaves you her English Tudor home in South Minneapolis in her will.  Your lawyer asks “Whose name should be on the deed?”  You decide to purchase an investment property and your lawyer tells you to put the title in an LLC for tax and liability purposes.  What should you do?  In all of these instances, one of the first things you should do is call your insurance agent.  The titling of a vehicle or property does have an impact on how the item will be insured . . .  and the cost that goes along with it.

View On Demand Webinar  (20 minutes)  

In this session, we explore titling issues and present how you can best protect your financial future.

Topics covered include:

  • Personally-owned Automobiles, Recreational Vehicles, and Motorcycles
  • Corporate Titled Vehicles
  • Personal vs. Business Ownership Rate Structures
  • Homes, Condos/Townhomes and Investment Properties
  • Property titled to a Trust
  • Property titled to a Business or Corporation
  • Property titled to Multiple Owners i.e. secondary residences and/or rental properties
  • Changes to Titling of Properties



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