On Demand Webinar: Informed Consent: The Good, the Questionable and why it is still Critically Important

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Do I really have to get a patient’s informed consent in writing, and if yes, can my staff get it? It is critical that you establish an informed consent process that protects you, your practice and your reputation, including additional forms for Covid-19 exposure.

This presentation will focus on what informed consent is, the importance of the process for obtaining consent and the dentist’s non-delegable duty (in some states), along with benefits and limitations. We will review why you should consider using well-designed forms, discuss case examples and charting consent conversations generally and how to document specific increased risks evidenced by imaging, examination etc.

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*This webinar was originally presented to the Minnesota Dental Association on April 20, 2021.

You will learn:

  • The key elements of informed consent and informed refusal
  • How consent forms play out in malpractice litigation along with a dentist’s non-delegable duty
  • The limitations of informed consent when plaintiffs prove negligence or dentists negate protections by misstating data minimizing risks
  • The importance of documenting the decision making process to enhance your credibility with jurors.

About the Presenters

Richard Small, JD, Risk Management Consultant | Dental & OMS Practice | Dyste Williams
Richard Small, J.D., is a nationally recognized speaker on risk management in the dental practice environment.  Mr. Small practices law in Michigan and spent the first 20 years of his law practice defending dentists in court in Michigan and other states.

Nels Dyste, Insurance Advisor | Dental & OMS Practice | Dyste Williams
Nels Dyste specializes in serving the business insurance needs of dentists and private outpatient healthcare practices. He has presented at the Minnesota Dental Association, the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, the Minnesota Optometric Association and various advisor-sponsored educational events.




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