This free, 4-hour refresher class is available to our clients and their family members. The seminar provides useful information and safety tips. Drivers over age 55 get a 10% discount on their policies. Call us for information about upcoming seminar dates.

Top Driver Training and Discount The Top Driver video program is exclusively for Metlife Auto policyholders. This self-directed home course includes a booklet, a 75-minute movie and an open-book test. Completing the program gives you a policy discount. The safety tips for driving in dangerous weather conditions make this especially valuable for young drivers.


June 3, 2022
Your Recreational Boat Needs Coverage in and out of the Water

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April 6, 2022
On Demand Webinar: The Name of the Game

How property and vehicle titling impacts your coverage Your son or daughter needs a new vehicle and the dealer asks you “Whose name should be on th...

March 2, 2022
Benefits and Perks To Attract and Retain Great Talent

Want to leverage employee benefits for better recruitment and retention? Double down on wellness. That’s a key finding of a recent survey by the ...