We help identify the specific types of coverage that best protect your craft.

Craft Breweries & Distilleries

The innovation of craft breweries, distilleries and other beverage producers throughout the U.S. has led to the growing need for quality business insurance designed specifically to meet the needs of a growing industry. Dyste Williams can help your brewery, distillery, or beverage production facility identify the specific types of coverage that best protect your craft, passion and investment.  Whether you are a new startup or an established brand, our agents have the experience to help make sense of the State, Federal (TTB) and local regulations and better understand the threats to your business.

Enhanced Property Coverage

The producers of craft brews and spirits need protection beyond the walls of their facilities. With raw materials and the finished products traveling back and forth among suppliers, customers and the brewery or distillery itself, your company could be exposed to a number of risks throughout the production and distribution process.

Leakage, spoilage and contamination, or an equipment breakdown to your fermenters, brew house or canning/bottling line can be devastating for your business. And for breweries or distilleries located in historic buildings, repairs can be much more costly to maintain architectural standards and keep up with current building code. We can help you determine which endorsements will help you feel secure by knowing that the “what if’s” specific to your brewery investment are covered.

Dyste Williams knows where vulnerabilities lie and can help your business get the specialized coverage you require.  We offer a range of options that can be customized for your brewery or distillery’s unique needs.

Does your current policy protect your business if you have more than one production location or sell overseas? What would happen if you have to recall your product or experience an emergency event at your facility? Dyste Williams can help you evaluate which optional endorsements best protect your company from liabilities you may not have anticipated.

Broad Liability Coverage

General Liability & Liquor Liability- coordination of coverage is critical in the case of a claim or allegation.  Aligning these coverages with the same carrier results in a better result, better value, and better experience.  Often times these limits can be extended with the addition of an umbrella, when additional limits are needed.

Effective Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation for production, delivery/sales and tasting room staff can be more than just a state requirement.  Selecting coverage that provides quick and effective support to your employees to get them back to work quickly and without repeat injuries is critical to maintaining steady operations and growth.  Carriers should provide additional support in workplace safety to help prevent workplace injuries that typically occur in your industry.

Additional Coverages are available.  Please contact an agent for information on the following:

  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Commercial Auto/Fleet Auto
  • Product Recall
  • Special Event
  • Employee Benefits
  • Management Liability
  • Key Person Life and Disability for Head Brewers and Other Essential Employees
  • Brewers Bonds



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